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Crystal Ball, Psychic Readings in Spring Lake, NJ

Psychic Readings in Spring Lake, New Jersey

Third Generation Psychic
When you have questions, come to a gifted psychic that sees all and tells all. The Psychic Gallery-Advice by Chris in Spring Lake, New Jersey, specializes in reuniting loved ones and providing spiritual healing, aura cleansing, and psychic readings for all life situations.
Seeing into Your Future
Are you troubled, worried, or confused about things in your life? Find the answers you need by turning to The Psychic Gallery-Advice by Chris. Our psychic, Chris, is able to see through meditations and readings, tarot card readings, palm readings, tea leaf readings, and crystal balls.

A Word from Our Psychic

As a third-generation psychic, I was born with a God-given psychic ability. I have done events and seminars as well. In my studies of numerology and metaphysics, I have gained great insight and have travelled throughout other states.

The psychic energy I have comes from within me. Through card readings, numerology, and other sources, I help you discover important aspects of your life—past, present, and future.
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Psychic Readings
That Provide Real Answers
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